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Car Wrapping

We are making car cool

Car wrapping is not a favourable alternative to painting, but a lot more and it is the ideal solution for individuals looking for an original car design. You can equip your car not only with your specific colour request or attach full-scale advertising images, but also save you money and preserve the value of your vehicle.

Your Car. Your Style

Hang with us for a minute as we get through the basics. While not a new industry, wrapping is still not widely known. It’s obvious that Vinyl wrapping can completely change the look and feel of your car but it also protects the paintwork, essentially sealing it from the elements.

Change your mind about the colour? Want to sell the vehicle? Simply remove the vinyl and the original paintwork is unmarked and preserved. And it’s not just for new cars either. If you’ve found a used vehicle that is perfect in every aspect except the colour then we can fix that as long as the paintwork is free of any major imperfections.

Wrapping vs. Painting

Vinyl Car Wrapping can be subtle, you can change some elements of the car, draw attention to a particular aspect of the car or it can be as bold as your courage allows. You can achieve a finish and color that is simply not possible with paint. So, we’ve got your colour and finish selected, what about the process of actually wrapping the car?

Our team has extensive international experience in application and we work with the best vinyl manufacturers in the world such as Avery, 3M, Oracle, KPMF and HEXIS to ensure that your vehicle remains stunning years later. In fact, let’s just pause there for a second ? years. Yes, a well wrapped premium vinyl will last for up to five years with comparatively less maintenance versus paint.

Design First!

Through our global associations we can draw on a vehicle database of literally thousands of cars and previous projects to inspire you. This is also important because you can rest assured that, no matter how exotic your vehicle is, we have relevant experience and knowledge.

Custom Vehicle Wrapping is your way to express yourself, make your vehicle stand out, give your car a new lease of life or protect and preserve it.